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Partnership Opportunities

The Hamilton Spectator’s focus for Community Partnerships is oriented around the themes of youth and kids, poverty reduction and literacy development. We appreciate the opportunity to review event sponsorship, marketing and partnership opportunities available in the Burlington, Hamilton, Flamborough, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek and surrounding communities. Our activities are planned far in advance and we do ask potential partners to approach us with requests for sponsorships at least two months prior to the event.

We are always looking for new corporate or charitable partners to help us raise funds through your special event. The Hamilton Spectator will consider donating the ad space to profile and promote your event should it be approved for partnership.

Apply here:

The Hamilton Spectator regularly receives many requests for support from a multitude of people and organizations. As much as we would love to sustain every event within the community, we are simply unable to and therefore we request that all interested parties take the time to complete the on-line application process as a way to determine if your initiative fits with our overall corporate goals and objectives.

In order to  be considered, please complete all sections of the application form and make the submission. It will be reviewed and you will have an answer within three weeks. You will receive an email acknowledgment of your submission by the end of the following day. Once we have had a chance to review your submission, we will either contact you to discuss the request and conditions of sponsorship or you will receive a decline notice from us.


With our focus and priorities on kids and youth, poverty and literacy, The Hamilton Spectator regrettably will not ordinarily support:

  1. Individuals (or requests that directly benefit only one person).
  2. Programs or initiatives that take place outside of the readership area of The Hamilton Spectator
  3. Golf tournaments
  4. Amateur sports teams or leagues
  5. Organizations that are not open to any member of the community
  6. Political organizations or entities
  7. Specific medical conditions

Did you know?

Poverty is an important factor in health. Being poor can mean more physical and mental health problems and a lower life expectancy.

Change Challenge

Have you got a fabulous idea to help make kids in Hamilton happier or healthier? SpecKids Unlimited is offering a grant of up to $25,000 to a person or organization with an outstanding project to improve the lives of children in our community. Applying is simple. Here’s how it works:

If you know of a brilliant way to help kids in The Hamilton Spectator’s readership area, apply to us by using an application form found here. The deadline for applications -- which can include written submissions, photos, drawings and video -- is October 14th.


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